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              內蒙古農業大學動物科學學院的前身為內蒙古畜牧獸醫學院畜牧系,是1952年11月由河北農學院畜牧系、山西農學院獸醫組和平原農學院畜牧獸醫組組建而成。經過60余年的不懈努力,動物科學學院不斷向深度和廣度發展,已在動物生產商品化、專業化方面發揮了重要作用,為動物生產、教學科研、技術推廣和經營管理等領域培養了大批高級技術專門人才。  學院下設動物遺傳育種與繁殖學、動物營養與飼料科學、動物生產與管理學、水產養殖學等4個系。有畜牧學博士后流動站1個、一級學科博士學位授權點1個,有二級學科博士學位授權點3個、二級學科碩士學位授權點3個、專業碩士授權點1個,有動物科學(綜合)、動物科學(動物營養方向)、水產養殖學、動物生產類(教改試點專業)等4個本科專業(方向),其中動物科學(綜合)專業為國家特色專業,動物生產類(教改試點專業)為國家級教改試點專業,動物科學(綜合)和動物生產類(教改試點專業)2個專業用蒙漢雙語授課,動物科學(動物營養方向)為英漢雙語授課。  動物遺傳育種與繁殖學為國家重點(培育)學科,動物營養與飼料科學、動物遺傳育種與繁殖學2個學科為自治區重點學科,《家畜育種學》為國家級精品課程,《動物營養學》、《家畜繁殖學》、《禽生產學》和《生物統計學附試驗設計》等4門課程為自治區級精品課程,動物遺傳育種教學團隊為國家級教學團隊,動物遺傳育種與繁殖學實驗室為自治區重點實驗室,動物營養與飼料實驗室為自治區重點實驗室(培育)。學院有良好的校內外實習基地和科學研究基地。目前,學院承擔著國家“973”、“863”、科技支撐、重大專項、國際合作、國家自然科學基金等項目50余項,科研經費達4000余萬元。學院現有教職工70人,其中教授15人、副教授30人,博士生導師11人,具有博士學位的教師38人,具有碩士學位的教師19人。 聯系電話: 學 院 辦 公 室: 0471—4309170 學生工作辦公室: 0471—4309177   

                  College of Animal Science (CAS), Inner Mongolia Agricultural University grew out of Department of Animal Husbandry, Inner Mongolia Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, established in 1952 with the combination of Department of Animal Husbandry of Hebei Agricultural College, Department of Veterinary Medicine of Shanxi Agricultural College as well as Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine of Pingyuan Agricultural College. After 60 years of unremitting efforts, College of Animal Science has developed at a breathtaking pace and has been playing a key role in the areas of commercialization and specialization of animal production. In addition, it has cultivated a large number of professionals and elites for the areas of anima production, academic research, technology popularization, administration and management. CAS is made up of Department of Genetic Breeding and Reproduction, Department of Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, Department of Animal Production and Management and Department of Aquaculture. With 60 years behind it, there are one Animal Husbandry Post-doctoral Research Station, one First-Level Discipline PhD Authorization, three Second-Level Discipline Doctorate Authorizations, three Master Degree Authorizations, one Professional Master Degree Authorization and four Undergraduate Degree Authorizations, which are Animal Science (comprehensive), Animal Science (nutrition), Aquaculture and Animal Production (pilot professionals of educational reformation), respectively. Establishment of CAS, with each of its four departments respectively represents a first-level discipline, made a new integrated shape academically. The Disciplines of animal science and animal production, with great honor, have been award as the national characteristic specialty and pilot professionals of educational reformation, respectively. What is the difference is that the courses in animal production discipline were given by Mongolian and Chinese bilingual teaching and courses in animal science were conducted by the way of Chinese and English bilingual education. Animal Genetic Breeding and Reproduction has been nominated as National Key Discipline. Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, Animal Genetic Breeding and Reproduction have been awarded as Inner Mongolia Key Disciplines. Animal Breeding is National High-quality Curriculum; Animal Nutrition, Animal Reproduction, Poultry Production, Biostatistics and Experimental Design have been authorized for Inner Mongolia High-quality Curriculums. The teaching group of animal genetic breeding has been granted as national level, and laboratories of animal genetic breeding, animal nutrition and feed science are provincial levels. Currently, more than 50 scientific research projects, 973, 863, Science-technology Support, National Science and Technology Major Project, International Cooperation and The National Natural Science Fund, have been undertaken by CAS, with more than 40,000,000 RMB financial supports. The Academy has 70 full-time teachers, of whom 15 are professors (11 are supervisors of students studying in a PhD program), 30 are associate professors, 19 are lecturers. Contact Office of College: 0471 4309170 Office of Student Administration: 0471 4309177     


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